Rider Information

Schedule for CSI5*-W, CSI2*, CSIAM-B, CDI3* OG CDIY I OSLO is located below

pdf_icon_small Approved_Schedule_CSI5_W_CSI2_CSIAm_B_Kingsland Oslo Horse Show 2016

Approved_Schedule_CDIY_Kingsland Oslo Horse Show 2016


Invitation Dressursportens Venner Cup 2016

pdf_icon_small Invitation Felleskjøpet Champion Cup 2016

Invitation Megaprint Cup 2016

Invitation Pony cat I 2016 Hello

Invitation Pony cat II 2016 Agria


Raddison Blu and Expo are the official rider hotels during Kingsland Oslo Horse Show 2016. Both hotels are located in a walking distance from Telenor Arena

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