Overview over main activities for the period of Wednesday 17th October to Sunday 20th October.

Be aware that there might be some changes during the following days.

17:00National Show Jumping, 1,20 - Sponsored by Champion
18:10International Show Jumping CSI2* 1,30
09:00National Show Jumping, 1,20 Felleskjøpet Champion Cup
10:15International Show Jumping 1,20 CSI Amateur by Jensen Byggteam AS
12:00International Show Jumping CSI 2* 1,30 by NRYF
14:10International Show Jumping CSI 2* 1,40 by Slagen AS
17:00National Show Jumping Pony Cat. 1 1,10 by Kingsland Oslo Horse Show
17:30National Show Jumping Pony Cat. 2 1,00 by Agria Dyreforsikring
08:00International Show Jumping CSI 2* 1,30 by Rygge Varebilinnredning
10:15International Show Jumping CSI 2* 1,40 by Connexa Barnevern AS
12:50National Show Jumping Pony Cat. 2 1,05 by Oslo Horse Show
13:20National Show Jumping Pony Cat. 1 1,15 by Norsk Hestesenter
14:30International Show Jumping CSI5* 1,40 by Porsche
16:30National Show Jumping 1,20 by Felleskjøpet Champion
17:20International Show Jumping CSIA-m-B 1,20 by Borg Bygg
19:00International Show Jumping CSI5* 1,50 by Gjelsten Holding
20:50Show - Dressage and Islandic Horse
22.30International Show Jumping CSI5* Puissance - Sponsored by The Body Shop
Saturday 19. OCTOBER
08:00National Show Jumping Pony Cat. 2 1,05
08:30National Show Jumping Pony Cat. 1 1,15 sponsored by Øvrevoll
09:30International Show Jumping CSIAm-B 1,25 by Hesteadvokatene
11:20International Show Jumping CSI2* 1,45 by Sport 1
13:20International Show Jumping CSI5* 1,45 by Norwegian Polo Club
15:30Knock Out by AS OBAS
17:30International Show Jumping CSI5* 1,50/1,60 by Rikstoto GP
20:15Show with Shetland Race, Mounted Games, Pignon, and Islandic Horse/Dressage
Sunday 20. OCTOBER
08:00International Show Jumping CSI2* 1,45 by
10:50International Show Jumping CSI5* 15 by Stall Kubberød
13:00Show with Shetland Race, Pignon, and Mounted Games
15:00Longines FEI World CupTM CSI5* 1,50/1,60 By Longines