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Kingsland Oslo Horse Show is present on Social Media for our followers. We upload news, pics and snaps momentarily from the show.

Our biggest release this year is our SnapChat account Kohshow. We have invited different athletes who are competing this weekend. We have had Show Jumpers, Dressage riders, Mounted Games and even Icelandic Gait Riders to monitor our SnapChat. Throughout the show we will upload snaps on Kohshow, so you can get the best live view from our arena and even back stage.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Our account on Facebook is named Kingsland Oslo Horse Show, and our account on Instagram is named kohs2016. Here we will upload news and pics directly from the show. If you are not in Oslo this weekend, you can enjoy our show through Social Media. If you are, come to Telenor Arena and enjoy the atmosphere that Kingsland Oslo Horse Show is famous for.

At last, if you prefer twitter, our account is called KOHS_
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Enjoy our show!